About Us is one of the UK’s best domain names and internet sites for all things social network and social media related. 

Who are we?

We have created some of the worlds most successful internet sites and been involved with many others. Social Network aims to be a portal to the world of social media and we post the latest information on the world of social networking and the social space.

We have years of experience of building great products, great businesses and fabulous eye-candy for the consumer. Enjoying bringing the consumer a mouth watering offering, we hope you’ll enjoy your time here at SocialNetwork and come back and visit us often – giving us plenty to create now and in the future.

How did you come to own

We bought this domain as it expired from its last owner. We know, we got it for a steal. There are few domains out there of the magnitude of this quality and brilliance and few that own the entire sector – which funnily enough is called

Can I buy

Everything is for sale. If you offer me the right sum, I’ll walk home bare foot. Seriously we get offers very often for and we have an offer page here. But I warn you, that there is hardly a week that goes by without several offers. If you think you have what it takes to truly launch into the stratosphere and are willing to commit to exchanging tokens, fast cars (we like those), assets, stock or equity, revenue share, we could consider letting out of our vice like grip.

What can I use the site for?

The great thing about is that it is in someways a totally generic website that can be used for a variety of purposes. But we think a site dedicated to making the most of social networking and social media is the right way to go. But there are so many uses for social network it beggars belief. You can make an offer here, if you have that idea.