Apple builds social music streaming service

applelogoLets face it – we at think the idea of buying MP3’s is as bonkers as carrying your records around in a record bag – why? Indeed why would you want to actually own a file and limit yourself to the same old files – especially with music when there is so much to enjoy and try. Companies such as Spotify and Pandora have led the way in music streaming leaving the itunes offering from Apple looking tired and dated.

iRadio from Apple – new streaming service.

Apple is now launching its new streaming service after getting backing from the major labels. The offering will help stem the tide from those users who are getting used to the idea of “renting” or streaming their music for a relatively modest sum of money each month. For example with Spotify for just £10 a month I can pretty much listen to whatever I like from their catalogue. I can even listen on the computer, phone and even the car!

Apple has begun to look tired and lacking innovative zeal of late and this could help propel itself back into the coolness level it once so proudly could proclaim. However Apple faces music streaming competition from Google too, who recently launched their music streaming service Access All Areas.