Are we seeing the end of social media? What Twitters float could mean for Social Networks and Media.

Are we seeing the end of social media? We are now witnessing full Wall Street interest in what was only a nascent field just a decade ago.

First we saw LinkedIn float, then Facebook and now Twitter is in the public offing. So at we at the tail end of the social media wave or just the beginning. Is there yet more to come? Is it surf up? Or time to put that board down and find a new wave?

Is Twitter the last of the big four to go public? We have YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter all clamouring for market share and it looks as if there are no new floats on the horizon. How much head room is there for new innovation or are we going to see companies lock now and try and exploit existing platforms? No question the Twitter IPO will be popular as it presents a smart alternative to grab a piece of the social networking pie for those who missed out or want more.

We think we are still in the closet as far as social networking goes and whilst the hype dies down there will be some serious innovation that takes place under the surface of these new companies.

Google at its float was a one trick pony focussed on search and now its made forays into self driving cars, Google glasses, transformed email. LinkedIn is becoming the face of the on line professional and could potentially do away with recruitment companies and their ilk. Facebook has shown it can work to blend its offering on a range of platforms especially mobile. Twitter could seriously innovate once it obtains a cash chest and expect it to. The twitter IPO will be big watch this space.