Will Google Glass decimate Facebook usage?


Is Google working on a disruptive product that will eventually kill Facebook?

Unless you have been on Mars, you will have heard about the Google Glass project which aims to radically and disruptively change the way we interact with the web/computer/or whatever it is we do online

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Is Zynga on the rise?

The share price of Zynga has tanked to new lows but could be about to bounce as earnings are released on wednesday.On monday the shares were buoyed with news that online revenue is on the rise.

Did Facebook float too late?

There seems to be a feeling that Mark Zuckerberg left it too late to float the company and as a result the performance at the IPO was less then spectacular. Should Facebook have floated earlier leaving

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Could Blackberry maker be sold?

The blackberry maker, RIM is posting a huge loss. The once favoured executive phone maker is being ushered for sale by investors who see no future for RIM in its current form and with shares on

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Has social networking killed domains?

Is the domainer dead? Is the business of buying domains for traffic and investment dead and buried?

Could it be that we are moving more and more towards a less open web, dominated by big names such

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Google to buy top level domain .lol?

Google is said to be interested in purchasing the top level domain .lol and no its not April fools and nor are we laughing out loud. The proposed TLD would be owned and managed by Google and could

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Facebook shares could still climb

Battered Facebook shares which have fallen below the IPO or initial IPO price could reach a better price if the Social Network can find a smart way by which to monetize its nearly one billion members

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Post Facebook apolcalyse

OK so whats comes after Facebook. Before Facebook we had Friendster, MySpace, Friends Re-united, Bebo. Can Facebook make a critical mass such that the users cost of leaving is so high they maintain

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