Will Google Glass decimate Facebook usage?


Is Google working on a disruptive product that will eventually kill Facebook?

Unless you have been on Mars, you will have heard about the Google Glass project which aims to radically and disruptively change the way we interact with the web/computer/or whatever it is we do online

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SocialNetwork.co.uk for Sale

If you hadn’t already noticed, SocialNetwork.co.uk is up for sale. This presents the opportunity to buy one of the UK’s best pieces of internet real estate in a number of years. For those

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CTO to leave Facebook

After the IPO Facebook is losing one of its most important people, that is the Chief Technical officer Bret Taylor who will leave for an unknown startup.

What now for Google+?

Google having launched the social network in the wake of Facebook has to now out innovate Facebook. That might be tough because Facebook is sitting on a load of cash from its recent ipo.

What should

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Has social networking killed domains?

Is the domainer dead? Is the business of buying domains for traffic and investment dead and buried?

Could it be that we are moving more and more towards a less open web, dominated by big names such

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