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Hey guys, just a word from our partners

SocialGO supplies you with a web site with social network features such as groups, forums, blogs, member profiles, facebook /twitter integration, text and video chat, chat rooms and much much more…

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1. Low cost – Premium Plans start from £17 per month ($24.99), plus White Labelling at £15 per month
($19.99) and Member Billing £15 per month ($19.99). Or Concierge £100 per month ($149.99) where our design team will setup and design a network for you.

2. Feature packed – Includes all the features of the latest social networks such as member proles, sub-groups, events, chatroom, instant messaging, internal email, blogs, forums, news, video, photos,music, plus an extensive back end Admin Center to manage the network and its members.

3. Quick and easy to setup – Extensive point and click tools from your dedicated Admin Center, such as. Layout Manager and Network Designer, allow you to easily setup a network to your clients needs.

4. Highly customizable to suit all applications – Customize a little or customize a lot with virtually infinite flexibility on how to configure and design a network.

5. 24/7 support to helpyou all the way – From our 24/7 help desk, to our extensive video tutoria library, to Concierge and Pro Services where we do all the work for you, we help you all the way.

6. Fully hosted – You don’t need to worry about servers as all SocialGO networks are fully hosted with unlimited storage and bandwidth to take the hassle away from you and as your client’s networks grow.

7. Includes access to a REST API and CSS style sheets – If you want to take the network even further with custom development we provide code access via an API and CSS to do highly advanced customization.

8. Provides data ownership guarantee – Unlike some of our competitors we guarantee that you own the data, content and members on your network and you can export anytime you want.

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