Criticisms of Facebook IPO

Due to its impending launch here are some of the comments that people are making about Facebook (these are not ours):

“The GUI. It is a homepage full of baby pictures, drunk teens and silly games.”

“The business. Facebook ruthlessly exploit their customers data to sell ad space and and funny money based applications/games.”

“Future investors, may I suggest you get used to dissapointment.”

“Short sell”

“Shares in this empty balloon of a company will be massaged within an inch of their lives by deadleg entities like Goldman Sachs”

“There will be tears before bedtime, count on it.”

“I’m still trying to make up my mind, it’s a tossup between Facebook or tulip bulbs..”

Hardly any comments extolling the virtues of Facebook? Well I did take these comments from Facebook, so it seems to be certain that few telegraph readers will be buying Facebook shares at the float then? I’ve not seen any positive comment, so it would seem like its a real problem for the IPO for this retail investor crowd. I guess they don’t remember that many said the same about Google before its float.