Do all companies need to embrace socialmedia

Just about every company today needs to be found over the medium of the web, and for some it is becomming the main channel of business.

How companies appear on the web is as diverse as the number of companies on the web. But here are some easy and free things to do to get you online and having a social media prescence.

1. Webpage. Yes even in this age you need the most basic of pages probably with some contact details and something about you. It may not even be a shop, but it is start for how people can find you.

2. Facebook pages. These pages offer a more social media friendly experience allowing people to like your page and interact with you as the representative of your company.

3. Google + page. Working in conjunction with your website users who have a google account are able to +1 your website which means it will rank more highly on websearches. Its akin to the facebook like button which.  enables one to vote for websites and functions in more or less the same way.

4. Get your page listed. This means ensuring your website can be found from websearches and people looking for your service. One of the very first things you should do is add your url to which is free. There are plenty of other sites which charge but to be fair and are the two sites that matter.