Does Tinder Help You Get Laid?

Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps on the market today. Everyday, millions of people use Tinder to meet new people for friendship, networking and dating. However, Tinder has also become a source for people looking for casual sex. This aspect of Tinder has caused some concern about the moral implications of this particular phone app.

Currently, the internet has many websites and outlets for people looking for sex and not a relationship. This has been a part of the internet since it began and thanks to mobile devices has only grown over the years. But does Tinder really help people to find the sex experiences that they want?

Does Tinder Help You Get Laid?

TinderappThe answer to that question is yes and no. For those looking at casual sex, there are plenty of willing partners on Tinder who are looking for the same thing. This sub-culture of those looking for quick sexual encounters has been around for a very long time. However, Tinder and other apps and programs that brings people together for dating purposes has been molded to help those looking for casual sex to meet with each other.

The factors that work towards the casual sex aspects of Tinder include modifying the personal profile of Facebook which lies at the heart of the program. For many who are seeking quick, one-night stands, adjusting the information on their Facebook profile along with confirming that by chatting after the match is made propagates this casual sex culture.

However, the factors that work against it are also grounded in the Facebook profile as well. Too many people will change their profile to the extent that it does not present an accurate picture of who they are or even what they actually look like. This means that while connections can be made online, once the face-to-face meeting is made the truth is revealed. For many who engage in this type of behavior, having to either change their standards or go without what they were seeking can be a real disappointment.

Is Casual Sex What All People are Looking for?

The answer is clearly no. In fact, many people who are looking for a sex partner may also be looking to establish a relationship as well. Sex is an expression of emotion and a connection is made, so even for many of those who engage in such behavior, there is a large portion that are looking beyond the simple sexual encounter and are really in need of establishing a bond with another person.

Causal sex has been a part of human culture for thousands of years. From Greek to Roman to modern cultures, casual sex has taken on many different forms from prostitution to the type of quick encounters that are now possible thanks to Tinder. While the culture of traditional values and establishing more permanent relationships will always win out in the end like it has in the past, the atmosphere for casual sex encounters will remain a part of the dating culture thanks to online sources such as Tinder.