Facebook buys Content Management Systems Company: Storylane

storyline_bought_facebookFacebook might have reason to feel threatened by the likes to Tumblr and WordPress, which are systems of publishing that give the publisher much much more freedom than Facebook does in publishing. So to add to it’s arsenal of products it makes sense that one of these days Facebook was going to purchase a content management system or CMS.

That day has come and Facebook has purchased¬†Storylane which is being used to create and share online content. We don’t the details of the deal as that is still under wraps, we do however know it looks like this was an Acqui-hire as much as anything else, where the staff were the most prized asset to be purchased.

As Facebook continues its growth path and with money in the bank, it will continue to buy interesting businesses that its see’s along the way and it needs to keep a handle on CMS businesses which are aimed at micro publishers.