Facebook leaks user data never meant to be made public

The baying public are once again after the blood of Facebook after it potentially leaked data on many users accounts. Facebook commented that it fixed a bug that exposed contact info for over six million accounts.

facebookFacebook admitted its ‘shadow profile’ data collection activities, and some users are furious. The shadow profile is that data collected or scraped from other sources when Facebook has access to other accounts in the efforts of finding friends on Facebook. In this case the data included contact information including telephone and email data.

Facebook had accidentally combined user’s “shadow profiles” with their Facebook profiles and gave out the merged information out in one big unit to people they ‘had some connection to’ who wanted it by downloading an archive of their account with Facebook’s Download Your Information (DYI) tool.

One comment on Facebook mentioned:”I just downloaded the “extended backup” and I’m still viewing emails and phone numbers that are NOT PUBLIC!!!!”, which typifies the problem that users are ranting about on public forums. This is another blow for Facebook which has a very complicated range of privacy settings that are often to subject to change with little notice. Whatsmore, this issue is thought to have gone unnoticed for around 1 year.