Facebook redesigns the newsfeed: shock horror as users hate the change

Facebook updates its news feed to make the platform easier for users and to attract more advertising.

Yep, it’s time for more changes for one of the stickiest bits of the internet that we all love to hate, but continue to engage with. That site is of course the byword for social networking: Facebook. Released with great Fanfare last week, the new changes are to the Facebook newsfeed which is how many people keep up with the site/people/activities. The aim according to Mark Zuckerberg is to make the site less cluttered. However many have suggested the real reason is make it more convincing for advertisers to get on board.

Improvements to the Facebook News Feed

In two words from Facebook’s design director: “Less clutter,” is what the redesign is all about with greater amounts of space given over to photo’s and individual newsfeeds. Additionally there is the feature to have different channels on your news feeds to help sort and organize. This also means that you’ll see advertisements in more relevant contexts. You’ll now be able to choose from things like All Friends, Close Friends, Photos, Hobbies, Following, etc. The newsfeed was one of FB’s innovations and it has little changed over the years and as it is effectively the main platform for consumption it was about time that Facebook got it updated and moved away from an unfiltered tangle.

Needless to say, these changes should make it better for the punter, you can sort and sift and plus it’ll be smart for Advertisers too as adverts could come among photo’s rather than within text. This micro control for advertisers will be another selection parameter and very much welcome.

Yet another change, some will cry, but Facebook has to keep innovating, trying new things in its perennial quest to ensure users remain engaged and advertisers keep using the platform to find new ways to better target users.