Finding Love on LinkedIn, Is It The Way to Find People Online?

Social media sites such as Facebook have been the basis for finding and dating people online thanks to popular apps such as Tinder. However, LinkedIn which is one of the more popular social media websites has been the scene of new dating sites thanks in part to the type of profiles that LinkedIn provides.

LinkedIn is different than most other social media sites in that the profiles can be verified to a certain degree. LinkedIn is often used to connect people at work and makes networking that much easier. However, the side effect is that this extra emphasis on the profile that was designed more for work applications has now spilled into the dating arena as well.

Dating Sites on LinkedIn

Jellt_com_logoThere have been a number of dating sites that use this popular social media network. One of the more popular dating sites that use LinkedIn is known as “Hitch Me”. Developed by a happily married couple who were tired of seeing their single friends getting frustrated with other online dating services, Hitch Me uses the verified profiles of LinkedIn to help generate a safer experience for those who wish to meet.

Hitch Me overcomes one of the biggest issues that people have with dating, the fake profiles that people create in order to land that date. This has been the issue with many dating apps and programs in which people hide very valuable information that would otherwise get them rejected. LinkedIn however at least verifies much of the information that people have on their profiles, making it a more trustworthy source.

Programs such as Hitch Me and that use LinkedIn are becoming more successful because many people simply do not trust other dating sites where they seemingly have a match only to find out that the person is far different than promised to be.

The Promise of LinkedIn

Because LinkedIn was primarily constructed as a place for business professionals to meet, there is this greater sense of trust in dating platforms that use LinkedIn profiles as their base. This kind of trust however should be guarded since even LinkedIn profiles can be exaggerated or misleading in terms of how a person may look or the way that some information can be presented.

At LinkedIn, their spokespeople stress that people should only accept connections from people that they actually know to avoid any issues with strangers. With over 200 million member accounts on LinkedIn, there is a customer service team that will resolve issues in terms of inappropriate messages where a person can be eliminated from the LinkedIn service. This does offer an addition layer of protection for someone being hassled by another with inappropriate messages.

In the end, the additional security that is offered by LinkedIn-based dating services may provide the edge needed for it succeed over other social media network services, such as those based on Facebook. However, there is still no foolproof dating website that can eliminate the troublemakers, so people will always have to be very careful when using dating sites.