Flying to Mars with crowd sourcing…the new NASA?

DIYrocketsMany of us have heard of crowdsourcing, and for those who don’t know, its pretty much what it says on the tin. Which is to use the power of people to build/development/contribute to a particular project. Traditionally we have seen crowdsourcing in use for smaller projects but can it be used for mission critical projects such as Rocket Science? We’ve seen crowd sourcing for cars – but now rockets?

Space pioneers DIY rockets want to change all this and teaming with the 3D platform Sunglass to design the first round of crowd-designed machines and vehicles. The idea to keep costs down and to make a reliable rocket which draws on the skills and passion of the community. To help motivate the crowd, there is a $10,000 prize for creating the best and most inexpensive rocket parts.

Pushing limits of social networking

This will be pushing the online design tool Sunglass to new limits, but will be really proving the power behind social network collaboration and the ability to people to come together to build something so massive in a public online sphere. Is this a new type of social networking that we are seeing? Coming online to work in a organised fashion towards a private goal.