How can Google keep a grip on the social media space?

I was one of the early advocates of Google Plus which is Google’s Social Media effort. However I’ve not been using it much of late and I’ve been trying to figure out why. Since I’m more of a fan of Google products over Facebook, I thought I would try and reason why I seem to be spending more time on Facebook than Google Plus and really what this means for the likes of Google Supposed Facebook Killer: Google Plus. So in no particular order, here are some of the reasons why I think I’m heading to Facebook for my Social media kicks rather than Google Plus.

1. Facebook has a conservative design – I know they do tinker, but they seem to have the level of tinkering right that doesn’t leave me with a huge learning curve. I know where things are roughly and menu item and aspects all seem to work the way they pretty much always did.

2. The design of Google Plus is annoying me in terms of its large graphics which are getting in the way of information. If I scroll on my page, I have a whole series of graphics that display nothing but take up the entire screen. I know they want me to a cover there, but I cannot see information which is relevant to me.

3. Too much wasted space on G Plus. It feels they they are trying to be different for the sake of it. Please, I don’t like seeing posted as a separate colour from the rest of he screen, it breaks up the flow and the look and feel of the information. It also feels wasteful. And I sure as hell hate scrolling down. Cut out the white space Google – I’ll manage and It’ll make Google much much easier for people to read.

4. Stop with the fancy effects in G+. It makes me feel bad – I want simple and easy to look at screens that give me information at the highest communication rate that my brain allows, I don’t want to be jolted every-time I do something different or click something on the screen. So please cut it out and while you’re there please change the default display to include more information per page initially – otherwise I’m scrolling for ever.

5. Facebook has a much bolder colour scheme that is simply more inviting. I know its personal, but there we go. And now there is something reassuring about the blue colour on the screen – sort of like – hey guys, I’m online now.  FB may have chosen blue by accident but it has the incidental effect of being very calming.

6. I have a google phone which means that G+ picks up the photos I take automatically. So I tend to use G+ as a back-up of every photo but I display the ones I really want to on Facebook. So Facebook becomes the audited thought about photo scenes while I virtually never post on G+.