Is social networking healthy?

The debate rages on. Could we be affecting our teens and younsters in profound way by allowing them time on socialnetworking sites? Could Facebook be ruining the health of our youngsters and adolescents who spend countless hours each day poking each other, chattering and sending messages?

Many have suggested that Facebook and its ilk can have negative impacts on reducing concentration times and reducing face to face activity. There is simply not enough evidence to suggest that social networks are damaging, howver many do seem them creating concentration conflicts among young pupils who are too busy ferreting around with their phones rather than concentrating on the learning.

Many teachers feel powerless to prevent the rise of the socialnetwork from entering the classroom and feel that they must turn a blind eye to its use in order that pupils do actually concentrate.

There is probably a physical risk here, much as with computer games i.e. repetitive strain injury from interacting with phones and laptops, but unlike phones little possible controversy over radiation risks like from mobile phone usage.

Is Facebook turning our kids brains to mush? Well we need more time and more research. But one thing I will say, kids today seem very very fidgedty.