Is Tinder Really Safe? What Data Does it Expose?

Tinder is arguably the most popular dating and connecting app on the market today. Millions of people have met for the purposes of dating, making friendships and even networking. However, there have been a few reported issues with Tinder concerning privacy that have led some to believe that there are serious issues with this application.

The Privacy Concerns of Tinder

The way Tinder works is through your Facebook profile. It takes the information there and compares with others who share similar interests that are in your area. The purpose of Tinder is not to actually reveal the personal information of anyone, but there have been incidents in which this has happened.

For example, it was reported in early 2013 that Tinder accidentally revealed the physical location of all its users for a two week period of time. Considering that millions of people have the Tinder app, this is a remarkable breach of privacy. While no incidents have been reported from this revelation, the fact that a person of unscrupulous intentions can find the current location of another person simply through their Tinder app has raised a number of concerns.

Other incidents include being matched to someone in Tinder without actually given permission. These reports are relatively few and far between, but it does indicate that holes in the Tinder program may fool it into thinking that a match was already agreed. For the most part, such incidents have so far not led to any known reports of violence or putting a person into danger, but they very well could based on the intentions of one person.

The Facebook Connection

Of course, since Tinder pulls all the information from your Facebook account, controlling what information is there helps curb what Tinder might accidentally reveal. People who place the following information on Tinder run the risk of having it accidentally exposed;

  • Phone Number
  • Home Address
  • Email Address
  • Current Place of Employment
  • Guarded Personal Information and more

TinderappBy limiting the amount of information that is available on your Facebook account, you may be somewhat protected if Tinder should ever reveal that information. One issue however is the use of mobile devices which can reveal your current location. This is an issue that Tinder has yet to address, other than by stating such revelations are few and far between and the software issues have been solved. How a person controls that information can be in the form of using fake information. However, this can play against forming a bond of trust with the other person so there must be some care involved.

Overall, the revelation of personal information which runs from revealing email addresses to the physical location of a person are seemingly more flaws in the Tinder programming rather it being intentional. Currently, those who run the Tinder app are trying to compensate and correct these flaws, but with continued changes to mobile devices and Facebook, such diligence will need to be on a daily basis to prevent private information from leaking out of Tinder.