Living without the phone

Just fifteen years ago, very few of us could imagine that we would be spending so many of our waking and sometimes non-waking hours using these hand held devices.

When I first bought my mobile phone it was simply a phone I could use on the move. It was brick like, but I could importantly let me contact people whilst on the move. It had none of the features that one would call essential in todays world: it had no txt messaging, no color screen, but it did have games and a changeable ring tone. How we marvelled at the ability to select a ring tone from the myriad of those programmed in or from the burgeoning number of companies offering specialist ring tones.

Now the phone has moved into a personal computing device with a phone built in. The advent of the smartphone has meant that we are.all now becoming adept at using the computer in our pocket, not just to communicate but to play serious games and even work. So under the guise of the mobile phone, all pervasive computing has slipped into our lives.

This means there is no escaping computing and the phone ringing is prob the last of our worries.

Many of us cannot live without the phone which has invaded our lives for better or worse. We must however learn to use restraints to ensure we maintain facetime and remember what it is to be human.