Menshn : The 180 word twitter killer from a UK startup

Louise Mensch, one of the UK members of parliament and a conservative has launched in the US what she sees as a Twitter-killer. The site is called Menshn, a play on words for ‘Mention’ as was launched in the US before the UK to avoid any political headaches.

In her life in the music industry Mensch came into contact with plenty of social media and it these failings she aims to address in her new business.

However Louise is a little controversial and this is causing already negative feedback on twitter for her hashtagged name.

Many are also pointing out security issues with the service as the team attempt to fix the service.

The aim of Menshn is to be a better place to discuss and debate without some of the noise that can be experienced with Twitter. One question we have…

Is there really a need for another twitter? Or for that matter another social network? I suspect that the Menshn team could have overlain Twitter and added some functionality rather than start anew. After all people are pretty comfortable with Twitter and it works pretty well. So why not make it work with Twitter. Ok so it allows messages 40 characters longer, is this a great deal better.

Its too late to be a Twitter killer, you need something different now and this is not it. Making platforms is easy, getting market traction is tough. This is too much to chew off for the small UK team.