MySpace… another casualty of the social media market

Another hot social network internet property is left to die after being left out in the cold. After a huge sale Myspace failed in the hands of NewsCorp. It failed to stay relevant and help people stay connected.

To my mind there was something geocities like about the structure of the site and its pages. What I mean to say was that it was messy. Easy page was different, which is fine, but it did not really help people connect. There is something to be said for uniformity which is where Facebook excelled. Geocities which an early pre 2000, webhost that enabled easy creation of webpages, it was sold to Yahoo over a decade ago for a mult-billion sum before being derided and left for dead.

Fact is internet users are fickle, moving on from one technology to the other and holding down those users is notoriously difficult. This is now the challenge the market leader, Facebook, currently has. It must out innovate its rivals to keep pace with technology, but also the social demands created by the users themselves.