One month with Google Plus

I’ve been using Google plus for around one month now. I had early access to the site before public release. Here is where I see the benefits:

1. I no longer have to post to everyone. I can choose to whom I post status updates easily. This means that there are no inappropriate messages sent to work colleagues from that late night drinking session.

2. I never need to use twitter. OK, I’ve never been a fan of twitter anyhow. But now I can follow people without needing to add them as a friend. In a word, its called asynchronous sharing. People can follow me, but I need not befriend them.

3. The interface is clean, bright and simple. That means that its easy to see what is happening in your life with ease. Its a simple and easy interface to master that anyone can navigate.

4. Sharing is nicely integrated. I can share pictures from picasa easily and simply. Since I already use picassa, this makes perfect sense.

5. Privacy settings don’t require a PhD in physics to understand. Its simple and easy to decide what to do with locking down settings to avoid online stalkers and weirdo’s.

6. As yet no silly annoying features such as pokes or reminders to water plants on my farm. The clean fresh look makes it the ultimate tool for keep in touch.

7. I can find people and have conversations with them outside of my social sphere. I hardly believe in closed just about anything and the same goes for my platforms and social network. Fact is I’m having all kinds of conversations with new and interesting people. It sure makes life fun, not having to see the same old closed network of friends and family.

The down side is that it is not as established as Facebook, which in itself is no great problem as time will probably help. I do think G+ needs to keep innovating and developing new features. It needs to bring out new developments that enrich our lives. One of those ways to collaborative sharing and working.