Pay to post on FaceBook?

Yes, Facebook have found a way to make users pay for its services. They are trialling a pay for posting service in NewZealand. A user in Whangerei discovered that a highlighted post to his network would cost around £1.25. The post would be highlighted with a yellow background to make it stand out and differentiate this as an important post. The user could pay via Paypal or credit card.

Every SocialNetwork incarnation hopes that there is enough lead between themselves and the competitors so that this time that “Critical Mass” is preserved and users cant be bothered to get off and move to the next SocialNetwork. However Google+ is there and making plenty of money and I doubt would ever charge users for this service.

I suspect this feature on FB is aimed at Business users, otherwise I’d drop FB like a hot coal and move on, not that I use that much anyway when there is Google+, that do the job just as well.

Is Facebook really that hard-up for cash? Is its business model based around advertising failing?