does private social networking with Chatter

Ever wanted a private social network that is for your colleagues eyes only. Want the features of a social network including likes and comments but want the privacy aspect? Interestingly Salesforce have a product that aims to marry the world of social networking and social media with the commercial works.

Called chatter, the social network system from aims to be your corporate Facebook… An internal system for managing your content and communication in house with the very same features you’d expect from Facebook or Google plus such as the ability to like, comment and track and follow users in your immediate group.

There are obvious benefits to productivity when in comes down to private social networks like Chatter as companies can take entire control of their social media and bring the benefits of social networking to corporate businesses. For many companies they have been slow to adopt social media and social networks but now many companies both large and small are embracing the social media benefits of private social networks such as Chatter from

Alternatives to Chatter from Salesforce.

  • Awareness.
  • Jive
  • Yammer

salesforcecom-chatterWhy and Chatter?

SF is a pioneer of CRM customer relationship software started in 1999 and is famed for being an early innovator in the Saas (software as a service) concept. Being pioneers of this space means can innovate off their vast platform knowledge and experience to deliver a corporate social network that integrates with your existing sales force platform or as a stand alone entity.