Search + social network =

Tired of Facebook’s closed network graph? Want to branch out and make some friends rather than see the same faces? Well, the new service from So.Cl aims to help open your social life and networks and connections. The service was in beta and name Tulalip but renamed something more suitable and changed to – a play on the words “Social”. Searching for things with Bing is now social – that means people can see your searches.

Right now there is no ability to upload media such as pictures – so no images or photos or videos can be uploaded like on Facebook or Flickr. You can have a video party which enables a group of people to watch a video online together and chat at the same-time. These features are likely to evolve and change with time as more feedback over the service is gained so expect some continuous feature development from the Microsoft guys. Things are in beta as Google has a habit of doing and probably wont reach a finished product for some time.