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One of best Social Network and Social Media names is for sale


Socialnetworks such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter are changing our lives. These platforms define the general notion of the social network or the industry vertical. Socialnetworks are dominant in billions of peoples lives with an estimated 1 billion members on Facebook and several billion on the Chinese equivalent. Few people ever expected the socialnetwork to have such lasting dominance in our lives.

The SocialNetwork has become one of the #1 destinations on the web for users, outstripping many other web properties. Such is the importance of this disruptive innovation, many companies have grown supporting social networking for companies, whether helping businesses maximize engagement with socialnetworks or even by creating private social networking companies.

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What has the site been used for?

There are a few articles on the site that have been created. They are terribly unfocused and not very interesting I’ll admit and certainly not very search engine friendly.

Why are you selling

Because quite simply I’m a bit of a dinosaur with socialmedia. I’ve never gotten round to really using a Twitter account and I don’t use Facebook that much. Being more product focussed, we tend to concentrate on more of product development in other sectors, whereas this domain name would better suit a business already in the socialmedia and socialnetworking space. I’m not that interested in socialnetworking and socialmedia so I’d much rather sell.

I’d rather see someone else make the most of this site and generate some value from the site, someone who has more social networking and social media skills, rather than teach this old dog new tricks. It does not make economic sense to learn now!

How did you get such a premium domain?

I have owned the domain name since I obtained it in 2006 from a bankruptcy. I believe that the domain was registered for a considerable number of years before the date that I obtained the domain. It’s an old domain and it’s been around for a while and pretty cool, because just about every single decent tld and ctld has been taken.

There is natural traffic coming into the domain and it is ranked well as a Page Rank PR2 domain name. I fully expect that any new owner who is going to put a little effort in will see a much better return, whether they chose the domain to be a new product or go down the blog/content route.

One way to monetize the site would be for private social networks or companies that specialize in social networks for companies/corporates or other organizations.

This premium domain is also ideal for a social network or social media consultancy that helps companies advertise on social networks or for almost anything related to the social network.

I can imagine many many businesses from this address generating an immense amount of kudos. A site dedicated to making the most of marketing opportunities from social networks would be very timely. 

  • Very easy to remember and brand with (advertising locations such as vans cars, tv etc etc).
  • 1,340,000,000 results on Google for search “Social Network”.
  • Perfect for media agencies.