SocialNetworking Giant: to launch Search Engine

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Yesterday at the HQ of the world’s largest Social Network: Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg launched the companies attempt at integrating search into their product. Since the launch of Facebook in 2004, search has always been rather a let-down on the social network site without much regard for the evolution in search that Google and the like have pioneered. This event sees Facebook more into the search arena of its competitors such as Google.

Facebook moves into search

Queries will be people focused such as you’ll be able to ask Graph Search questions posed such as: “who of my friends like AC/DC”, or even looking for dates: “friends of friends who are single”. It’s not a full search engine that can search and spider the web but instead only works on the data that FB has about you.

Those ‘likes’ that you have been clicking on can also be mined and searched and no doubt we’ll begin to see some innovative uses of this data in new and imaginative ways. Companies will no-doubt be interested in who likes what exactly.

Sadly in the UK, Graph Search is not available for us to properly demo, but we have asked for access to fully check it out and explore fully the features. In the US, you can begin using the service.

Should Google feel threatened by Facebook Graph Search?

This is the first step on the road to competing with Google. There is no way they could launch a new product with the features of Google, so they are focusing on what they can do and do well which is within their limits of the data that FB already own.

As time marches on, more and more people will use the FB search facility which will mean that the social network will have the intelligence on its users and be able to leverage that. Eventually there will come a time when the Social Network will want to look outside the confines of its own data store and consider the wider web. But right now there is enough “intelligence” in the data to provide value to the consumer, so Facebook reckons.


The markets did not react well to the news, possibly not understanding what Facebook was releasing against hopes in would make more in-roads into Google’s market and territory. Facebook shares shed 2.5% to just over $30 a share which is still 25% below Facebook’s IPO price.