SoundWave Social Music Discovery App launches

headphonesEver wanted to know what your friends or those in the nearest vicinity are listening to? Now you can – SoundWave the app lets you see what your friends, family celebrities or your favorite sports stars are listening to. It’s an easy way to share and piggy backs off existing social network logins with Facebook and Google+.

Simply by playing music – it appears on your social network feed. Plus you are able to discover music from friends and family and see what they are listening to. What is really interesting is the location based trend search which shows you what people are listening to around you in your geographical location. When you first sign up you can follow people and invite fellow listeners or follow them!

We at are chcking the service out now as we speak and we’ll let you know what we think after a much longer roadtest. For more information on the company please click here. Set up by Brendan O’Driscoll, 25, Aidan Sliney, 28, and Craig Watson, 29, Soundwave earned fans from Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak earlier this month who described it as “a music product that fits my life so perfectly”.