Spotify removes play length cap

Spotify-no-beatlesSome listeners/users of Spotify have noticed a cap to the number of plays that a song can be listened to. This is on the trail version in a an attempt to induce users to upgrade to a paid version of the streaming service. The maximum limit was found to be 5 plays before that track could no longer been listened to again. Now it seems Spotify have gone back to using ads to support the service for those users who don’t pay to use the streaming music service. However over in France the limit will remain; who knows, perhaps the French are more easily into paying for the service this way, while us Brits are too tight and perhaps just leave the service.

Spotify still hasn’t got Pink Floyd, Led Zep or the Beatles

Of course Spotify now has to compete with Pandora, and Google Play, the latter which allows you to stream your own content over the web. Trouble is, I and other users still have to revert to various tricks to listen to artists like Led Zep, Pink Floyd and the Beatles and services such as Google Play allow me to stream virtually any content without limit, so it means I can listen to the Beatles as a streamed service. This is really beginning to irk me as I pay £10 a month to Spotify and I still cannot get these artists. I have to use a hybrid service of Spotify and Google play. However I’m thinking about just moving all songs that I regularly listen to into Google Play and cancelling Spotify.