The history of Twitter in just 7 years. Start-up to IPO

March 2006:  The company was founded by Jack Dorsey whilst working at Odeo (podcasting company Odeo) who was an undergrad at New York University. The initial service was a type of internal SMS system rather that well known on mobile/cell phone networks. It was in March (21st) that Dorsey published the very first tweet.

July 2006: Twitter is on official launch and set loose in the world to go forth and conquer. The world wakes up to the idea of using 140 characters. Popular uptake from celebrities, bloggers and pundits from all walks of life.

October 2006: Evan Williams hits the scene and creates a new company Obvious buying out Odeo and its assets along with Twitter and thus becomes a co-founder.

April 2007: Twitter is now its own company/entity. Biz stone is the creative director. Jack Dorsey is the CEO of the new business.

August 2007: Perhaps most famously the hashtag was created – which will no doubt go down in history as one of the innovations on the net since www. and the @ symbol. Even Facebook have decided to implement their own hashtag system.

October 2008: Evan Williams becomes CEO and Dorsey becomes Chairman.

April 2010: Twitter gets 10% of a billion registered users or 100 million ‘active’ user.s

September 2010: Twitter goes with redesigned graphics and logos.

October 2010: Evan Williams resigns as CEO and Dick Costolo takes up the Mantle.

March 2011: Jack Dorsey takes a more active role in Twitter and now becomes executive chairman who will focus on product development and management.

February 2012: Twitter reaches half a billion registered users.

September 2013: The company files a document with the (SEC) Securities and Exchange Commission the body that deals with public companies and we all await news on date/time lines and initial prices.