The rise of the Social feature writer Matthew Steeples

We all know journalism has taken rather a battering of late. In fact the whole industry needs to answer questions about to whom it should side with: the reader, investor or its advertisers. In this mass of conflict of interest is it any wonder that newspaper sales are declining and one can never trust the newspaper – no matter how broadsheet it is. In this day and age, its refreshing to read and know someone who is on a collision course with the main stream press to offer local based insight into real lives and offer irreverence at every turn, because they are simply not shackled to the corporate monster that feeds it. That man is Matthew Steeples. Matthew has been writing for a number of years on the social life – yes the social network theme – of the movers and shakers of London. Not content with just living the life Matthew is compelled to write about it candidly doing so in his revamped and great looking witty window on the London World.

You can take a look here as some of Matthew’s enormously entertaining articles at: