What now for Google+?

Google having launched the social network in the wake of Facebook has to now out innovate Facebook. That might be tough because Facebook is sitting on a load of cash from its recent ipo.

What should Google do? Heres a list of features that would help improve the Google product.

1. Social search. Take a look at what Microsoft is doing with so.cl. This is a new initiative that makes searches social and public such that interests can be shared. Google+

2. Think like a product…Apple and Microsoft produce shrink wrapped software which feels solid and finished. Google’s products always feek as if they are in beta but Facebook pretty much always feels like a finished product.

3. Photos. The key into making a dominant social platform is photo. Google arent making it easy to add photos, tag them and display them. Facebook is the largest photo sharing site and has a great deal of momentum. Google needs to update picassa and build Facebook like features into its Google+ brand.

4. Fun. Google plus needs to have more fun, that is it needs to function as a dating platform, discovery platform, play platform. Like Facebook it needs to be a platform and a fun platform at that and with Googles entre into cloud computing with Google App Engine is a much better platform than what FB has on offer.

5. Videos. We are starting to see with sites such as so.cl introduce video. Google owns YouTube and video blogging is taking off. Google+ should be taking on Skype as the place for video conferences.