What’s left to innovate in the social media space?

Tired of social media? Where next can businesses develop to build a sustainable future and make profit against a rising tide of competition?

Such social media darlings as LinkedIn, Facebook have already floated and with it potentially much of the hype. So where next for the big social networking companies:

1. Identity. LinkedIn and Facebook want to be your online identity. They want to be one stop shop for logging into your fave sites.

2. Integration. This will mean ensuring services are joined up. I.e. photo sharing needs to get a lot better on Twitter for example.

3. Quality. The value of a network is its quality. I.e. how it can be reflected and used to prosper. Hence one needs sites like linkedin to run that line between useful contacts and irrelevant contacts caused by the pressure to connect with unknown people.

Social networking is a transformative industry which