Why Twitter is so dumb. Ignore the social media hype

twitterIs twitter pure and simple a dumb way to communicate that devalues proper conversation to just 140 characters? What happened to reading and writing in long form? Are we destined to communicate on such a paltry number of characters? Is there real value?

Here are some of the challenges facing Twitter and its impending IPO.

1. Its easily replicable. Facebook has incorporated hash tags.
2. There are other blogging platforms out there such as Tumblr and Myspace.
3. Adverts and attempts to monetize will drive away users to less invasive platforms.
4. Twitter is not a rich environment like Facebook that comprises photos, video and content.
5. Twitter abuse has led to some leaving the platform.

Don’t get me wrong the Twitter IPO will be big but there are going to be plenty of companies snapping at the heels of Twitter. Fact is Twitter needs to grow its product offering…its just too plain compared to the richness of other social network platforms.