Will Facebook destroy Online Dating with it’s new Graph Search Feature?

Yesterday Facebook, the worlds biggest social network launched new features which embody the ability to search the Facebook data that has been generated by users in your network. How does that help you get a date?

Facebook will help you find new dates

The great thing about the new service is that you’ll be able to search your graph for interesting people. So imagine you want to find single people, you can search for “friends of friends who are single” meaning that you’ll be just one away from these individuals and will be easy for you to make that first approach.

You’ll also be able to search for like-minded people which will help on the dating front, finding people who for example “like tennis” or “like AC/DC” or have been to “certain places”. This throws open the door for more directed searches helping you find people you’d like to meet in the flesh.

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Enter your zip code here

Facebook will help you find hobbies and buddies

Facebook will help your life in numerous ways with Graph search, for you’ll be able to find people based on numerous criteria such as sports and interests and you can do that for a familiar search interface.

Looking for a Tennis partner in Kensington? Facebook might just have the people you are looking for. What’s interesting is that Google helps you find stuff, but FB is going to help you find people and for many that’s a far more difficult job to do than simply finding the latest digital camera and arguably a lot more valuable.