Will Google Glass decimate Facebook usage?

googleglassIs Google working on a disruptive product that will eventually kill Facebook?

Unless you have been on Mars, you will have heard about the Google Glass project which aims to radically and disruptively change the way we interact with the web/computer/or whatever it is we do online right now. It’s a game changer because although we use smartphones, they are really just miniature computers that employ a touch screen interface. Fundamentally there is nothing that new here – we have had touch screen computing for a while and we [the user] are expected to mold ourselves to the device. Now Google want to innovate and make computing more “transparent” by integrating star trek like features into head mounted frames that means that there will be no looking down and fumbling into your pocket to read that email.

Gamer’s thumb eradicated with Google Glass

Tired of reaching for your pocket every-time you hear the bleep? I’m fed up with using my fingers and getting a sore thumb fro using my smart-phone when for much of time the function I want is to simply scan the message – and often not even respond. Having a glass would enable me to do this without interrupting my workflow. Plus I wouldn’t get twitchy everytime a new message came though.

Wearable computing is now in reach

For those who love disruptive innovations this could be a seismic change in user experience and presents real opportunity for a spectrum of new applications and new products. One of those aspects that is bound to change is social networking. After all the figures suggest that Facebook and other social networking sites soak up a great deal of our time online and no doubt there will be sites and services that are geared to social networking and social media in the future. For some of the things that people would want to do include: recognizing friends, monitoring our actions, recording important moments from our lives, generating suggestions and helping up locate friends, family or even great restaurants.

But being socially networked has got to be one of the best uses. Now I’m useless at names and marrying them to faces, so any tool which can help me navigate the social world would be immensely valuable and welcome. Imagine talking with people at conference and being able to remember the names of their kids – wouldn’t that be awesome – however I wonder if Google generated suggestions would detract from the memory feat that many can muster up today without the use of Google Glass.

Google stealing the coolness away from Facebook and Apple

What happens when people start moving to these types of interface such as glasses – what will that do for the way we interact with sites such as Facebook? Facebook now has to work not on a glasses type approach but on a full DB of our lives that can be interfaced from any device – such as the Google Glass. Facebook now needs to be building up its data services that will enable us to retrieve the social networking aspects of our lives. It could play havoc with the advertising that Facebook is predicated to need – how will this be presented. Facebook really needs to be working on its deep data solution, something that Google has nearly a 15 year head start on.

Google Now, is the experiment which is available to smart phones, its on my Nexus 4 and tries to predict what you will do. So at the moment it handles problems and offers suggestions on stock prices, directions and weathers, all based on location and how you use the Google properties and sites that so many of us interact with. Google Now is readily adapted for wearable computing and will likely be refined such that when Google Glass fully launches features of Google Now will end up in Google Glass.

Apple is reportedly working on an iWatch. However this looks analagous to Google pulling up in a Ferrari next to Apples Mini Metro. Who wants a watch when I can have transparency without the finger strain.