Yammer is the private social network of choice for corporate businesses

Why choose Yammer over other contenders such as Chatter, Jive etc?

One of the biggest advantages of Yammer is perhaps who it’s parent company is: Microsoft. The software Goliath bought Yammer a while back and is now seriously building out its offering, and rolling out to clients as much as possible the feature set they need to collaborate in their corporate social network.

The great feature of having a private social network and collaborative network is that the backing that MS give to all their products. This means that building on their foundations will mean that users can expect a corporate social network that they can rely on and trust over years not to dissapear without trace. Paying for a solution and per user means that any corporate social network must be robust and able to function in a space where security and integrity ate mission critical.


Microsoft’s expertise in platforms such as SharePoint portal means that  you get the backing of a large software provider and the underlying technologies that have been proven to scale to large organisations and entities. So deploying your social network should be a breeze and easy as pie.

Of course you may find that MS offers  a more sedate route to feature development than the private company that it bought but it will at least be able to offer a huge degree of stability and assuredness in its collaborative and online corporate private social network.