Your email address at…payment soon and your identity….

Facebook aims to be the online identity that you never had. It aims to be the one identity that people and businesses can interact with you via. Facebook might appear to be just another social network like the last incarnation. However, as time matches on and fb progresses we shall see more and more features related to purchases and payments and this means: security.

Facebook knows you, and it knows whether you are likely to be a fraudster or are genuine. Reassuringly this feedback and pattern of signals that they have could be used to make decisions on behavioural default or financial default. Watch out ebay and paypal because FB wants your lunch and with a billion users at hand, its easy to turn this round into a payment solution with a billion signed up members. Like paypal, if they take a cut then this could be an enourmous stepping stone towards generating real revenue for the social network.

A good start towards payments is an external email address, much like paypal has. Users can then easily transfer money using email that layers on top of the socialnetwork. Fact is, I’m surprised its taken this long for FB to even make a start. Its time you woke up to the fact that one day Marc Zuckerberg might be the works richest banker.